How    It All Began

A message from our founder and friend - Ryan McDonald

The Invitational for Shriners Hospitals is an annual doubles badminton tournament that aims to raise money and awareness for Shriners Hospitals; while also hosting what is regarded as one of the best charitable parties of the summer.


Over its last two events, The Invitational has raised nearly $50,000 for Shriners Hospital in Boston, which is considered one of the world’s preeminent hospitals in the treatment of children with severe burn injuries, complex skin conditions, orthopedic conditions, and cleft lip and palate.


The Invitational stems from the summer of 2008 when I suffered second and third-degree burns across my chest, arms and hands. Spending weeks in and out of the hospital undergoing treatment, including a skin graft surgery, I was able to see first hand all of the amazing work this hospital does for families across the world, all free of charge. One example that stuck out particularly was a three-year-old girl from Iraq who was flown into Boston with her mother and spent three months in the hospital that summer; all free of charge. I watched as that girl was cared for, and received the best treatment possible. The kind of world-class medical treatment that only our great city of Boston can provide.


Hearing all of the incredible stories of perseverance and recovery from families who had suffered much more severely was what inspired me to try and repay this wonderful organization. Starting in 2010 as an 8 team tournament we, along with the help of friends and family, have been able to grow The Invitational into the premier badminton tournament fundraiser east of the Merrimack River. We ask that you join in on the party and click the ‘Donate’ page to get started. Any donation is enough to make a difference for a child in need. Just take it from me, who to this day still sleeps with the $10 batman blanket Shriners gave me during my stay all those years ago.

For those interested in corporate sponsorships please email